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About Dr. Ty Belknap, CEO, Port Bell

Dr. Ty, SEO Company CEO

Ty Belknap, CEO of Port Bell, has been doing SEO since before it was called Search Engine Optimization (he started in 1995) and has been running Internet Marketing companies since 2002.

Dr. Ty has three degrees in leadership, including a Doctor of Strategic Leadership in Life Coaching.

He is the author of three books: Leadership for Introverts: The Power of Quiet Influence, Timeless SEO Secrets that Search Engines Don't Want You To Know About, How To Get Exploding Referrals Through Networking and co-author of the book Special Edition Using Windows 98, an Amazon.com best-seller.

Dr. Ty has also been published in Reader's Digest, Redbook, MSN, Monster.com, CEO Blog Nation, Bustle, My Corporation, Moneyish, BestLife, Glassdoor, and more.


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Mohammad - Content Writer Extrordinaire
content writer mohammad

Mohammad is a content writer and curator of words. He is happy to help you with all your writing needs from content writing to articles and blog posts.
He has been professionally writing content for over 5 years. You can be assured that the content you receive from him will be engaging, professional and, most importantly, proper English.

Katie - World's Best VA

Katie SEO VA

Katie is the best virtual assistant on the planet. Whatever needs to be done, she finds a way to do it. Katie is excellent at e-marketing, social media coaching, admin support and much more. She has been a professional VA for 3 years after being a personal assistant for English royalty for almost 10 years.