About Port Bell, An SEO and Online Marketing Company

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You may be familiar with Intra-Designs. Or maybe MyCoach.Life. Do you know Kool Web Hosting? How about Webishops?

Well, each of those is a part of the Port Bell Experience.

Port Bell is a full service Internet Marketing / Digital Marketing coaching company.

Everything Port Bell does is based off helping businesses and entrepreneurs to create a solid business foundation and get help with marketing over the Internet.

So Welcome to the Port Bell Experience!

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ty Belknap


Ty Belknap, CEO of Port Bell, has been doing SEO since before it was called Search Engine Optimization (he started in 1995) and has been running Internet Marketing companies since 2002.

Dr. Ty has three degrees in leadership, including a Doctor of Strategic Leadership in Life Coaching.


Vice President


Web Developer Magnifique


Content Writer Extrordinaire


World's Best VA