Case Study - Tacoma Criminal Lawyer

We started working with a Tacoma criminal lawyer in 2009. The person had recently opened her practice and was interested in getting to the top of the search engines. She already had a web site, but it was being controlled by the hosting company she was going through. She did not have her own login or password and they kept demanding more money for "maintenance." (This is why you should always pay for your own hosting and give designers access to that hosting. Kool Web Hosting is a great place for hosting if you are looking. You can set up your own control panel and give designers access only to the hosting area.).

The first thing we needed to do was get her web site from the other people and set up her own hosting account that she could control.

Once that was done we were able to do an initial Digital Marketing Analysis on her site. She was not listed in any search engines for any relevant keywords.

We got to work and, within eight months she was on page one of Google® for two major keywords and over 20 lesser keywords.

This attorney enjoyed 20-40% revenue growth each year due, in large part, to the SEO techniques employed by Port Bell.

Fast forward to 2018. This lawyer now runs a law firm with three attorneys and a full support staff, and they enjoy revenues in the mid six-figures.

The main web site has over 600 keywords in Google worth over $27,000 per month.*

That does not include the other five web sites she has, and it does not include the number of keywords she has on page one of other search engines.

Port Bell is your solution for getting to the top of the search engines.

* If they were paying for individual keywords, according to SEMrush.
See the report here.