SEO Without The Techie Stuff!

Don’t sweat the tech, SEO made easy so you can dominate your competition in the search engines Almost everyone looks for businesses on Google and Bing now . How would you like your business to be at the top so potential customers can find you right away?

Remember, prospects are not looking for your business, they are looking to solve a problem. Does your web site talk about the problems you solve?

Is it written so both people and search engines will see it properly?
Together, over the next 3 months we will get your web site higher in the search engines and get you more customers. SEO made easy Would you like your business to grow by up to 20% in 2022 by getting to the top of the search engines? Enroll Now

We will:

  • Take a look at your web site and make sure it’s ready for marketing (SEO). Sometimes there are back-end errors that cannot be seen but can keep you from getting higher in the search engines.
  • Optimize your web site.
  • Assess your current marketing structure and see if there are any areas that could use extra attention.
  • Provide specific SEO (marketing) training for you or one of your employees so you can keep the site updated using SEO techniques.
  • Help you improve your online presence.
  • Assess your social media marketing.
  • Help you design your company vision, mission, and strategy, or help you update it if you already have those.
  • Provide 6 one-to-one business strategy sessions between you and I.
  • Look at what has worked and not worked in the past.
  • Help you with virtual shopping if needed.

Get all this for one low price or make 3 monthly payments to spread it out!

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