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Internet marketing can be a beast; it's difficult to figure out where to best invest your hard-earned dollars.

You may have heard that social media is the way to go, so you threw a couple hundred (or thousand) dollars at it to see if it would work. Or you realized your web site was out of date, so spent more money than your last car to get it updated (okay, maybe not quite that much, but close, right?).

Internet Marketing used to mean having a good web site with great SEO (search engine optimization).
Not anymore. Now, you need to consider:

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing (or A/B testing, or split testing) is an assessment for identifying which version of an Internet ad has a better return on investment for an organization. A/B testing gives you the ability to determine the right words, phrases and testimonials to use. It also helps with photos, videos, and essential elements that will yield the right results in Internet marketing.

Even very simple changes could be the catalyst that impacts your conversion rates. A/B testing helps you to develop a better understanding of your audience and what converts them. It can make the journey of the user streamlined throughout your entire site and help to reduce the level of friction that they experience. A/B testing are helps improvement conversion rates as well as bottom-line boosting. Wikipedia has an article on A/B testing if you would like to learn more.


A blog is a web page, written in a conversational style, that is easy an easy place in which to add information. Blogs have text, video, audio, and images (click here to see a sample). When it comes to Internet marketing strategy, a blog is responsible for driving website traffic, helps with search engine optimization, ensures your business continues to generate leads, helps you make sure that these leads are nurtured, and provides you with deeper insights with regards to your customer base. Which the use of quality blog content, building trust will be very seamless for your brand within your target niche. The importance of building relationships cannot be overestimated when it comes to your leads and customers. Relationships through blogs usually multiply the rates at which you convert and engineer repeat sales.

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In Internet Marketing, branding is the act of making sure that the same logo, coloring, and style is shown in all mediums. For instance, a company that has there logo on letterhead (if that exists anymore), business cards, their web site, etc. would have good branding. The brand of your company serves as the foundation that holds the marketing strategy of your business. It is your brand that ensures that your company can be differentiated from your competitors. When your brand strategy is consistent and strategic, it can effectively help your business to stand out and build an influential identity that potential customers resonate with.

Click Funnels

Sales funnels, or click funnels, are a way of generating sales on the Internet They are designed to entice the customer to continue clicking until they decide to purchase, often with promises of free items or information. Sales funnels in digital marketing have to do with combining a wide range of Internet marketing tactics and techniques in order to generate business traffic and getting them nurtured adequately to ensure that they convert into loyal customers that end up advocating for your brand. The importance of sales funnels is established since this model helps to create a vivid picture of the journey of your customer from the point of awareness to the point where they convert. Sales funnels offer a very practical framework for analyzing your business goals and identifying key improvement areas.

Content Writing

Good quality content is the cornerstone of every web site. When you have substandard content writing, your SEO will suffer. The use of quality content that has been formatted for search engines is very important since Bing’s and Google's algorithms are programmed to check for strategically-placed keywords at certain areas of your website. Quality content writing plays a vital role in improving conversions since your leads can easily connect with you and get the right education. It also helps you to establish trust, which is the foundation on which customer relationships are built. By using quality content writing to deliver vital information to your consumers at the right time, you can help them to arrive at informed purchasing decisions.


Also called electronic books or e-books, this simply refers to book publications that are created in digital formats. They comprise of text, pictures, and even both. They are easy to read on computers as well as the wide range of digital devices. Keeping your customer informed eventually causes them to become loyal and helps you to develop lucrative partnerships that will benefit your business. It can be difficult to locate these loyal customers. With the use of eBooks, your business has one more weapon to effectively attract your potential customers. At the same time, you get to educate them about your offerings. The creation of eBooks helps to establish your brand as trustworthy because your customers know that it requires time and effort and that you really wish to provide information in answer to the questions that they have or any concerns of theirs in a way that is engaging. eBooks can also serve as tools to help you generate leads. All you have to do is to offer the opportunity for your users to have access to your eBooks by simply providing you their contact info.


Also referred to as electronic commerce, this simply refers to the process of selling services as well as products via electronic means, mostly through the Internet With the use of Internet marketing, creating substantial revenue becomes very easy through e-commerce. The process of acquiring customers, as well as building brand value, is simplified. Customers of today do not only rely on content as well as word of mouth in order to reach purchasing decisions. They want to have access to product reviews on a wide range of platforms where such products are listed. This means that the ability to capture these potential customers is very vital because of how easy distractions can occur. It is at this point that Internet marketing is essentially important as it helps e-commerce brands effectively tackle these challenges.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing basically involves the use of email tools for delivering ad-related messages. It comprises all activities involved in sending commercial messages with the use of email to contacts groups. Whenever you send emails to leads or already existing customers, you are engaging in email marketing. This is actually a creative way of building brand loyalty as well as trust. Your Internet marketing strategy needs to recognize email marketing as vital as it helps to establish relationships with your potential as well as current customers. You can also use email marketing to activate past customers as you get to connect with them directly at their own convenience.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Also called PPC advertising, this is an Internet marketing model where you get to pay a certain amount whenever your advertisement is clicked. Basically, it has to do with paying in order to purchase website visits. This is different from taking steps to generate organic visits through SEO. One very popular method of initiating PPC advertising is through search engine ads. Regardless of the size of your business, PPC advertising can have a good results. It is vital that PPC forms a part of the Internet marketing strategy for your business to ensure that potential leads are captured appropriately. PPC can equip you with the tools to develop effective Internet marketing strategies and can be used for the measurement of optimized results. Carrying out regular PPC campaign maintenance and optimization can help to benefit you by generating qualified traffic that is more likely to convert. When you combine PPC and SEO, it gives you an even higher possibility of having all channels covered since there are customers who can get converted via organic search as well. Port Bell has Google Certified AdWords Specialists to take care of your pay per click advertising

PR articles

If you have something that is worth being on the news and wish to objectively announce it, the best tool to use is a press release. Press release articles are usually designed in a way that gives you more coverage and ensures that your target audience notices you immediately. Regardless of the widespread misconception that press releases are no longer effective, digital PR remains a very credible Internet marketing technique that your business can use to boost its presence online. Taking the right steps to synergize with journalists and influencers as well as bloggers in order to send out online PR articles can get you backlinks that are of high quality, give you more social media exposure, as well as SEO improvements.

Reputation Management

Reputation management simply refers to the strategies and procedures involved in determining what is being said or felt about your brand and initiating the right steps to make sure that the public impression of your brand is well connected with your goals. Many businesses make use of different social media channels for reputation monitoring. Sometimes, something shows up on the Internet that can hurt your reputation. There may be no way to get rid of the offensive information, but there are ways to overcome it. Setting up a procedure for managing your online reputation is actually important for businesses that wish to succeed. A corporate image that is highly successful will always remain an important marketing tool for any business.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO comprises all processes involved in making sure that your online content is optimized to guarantee that it will be displayed by search engines as one of the top results whenever specific keywords are searched for. Search engine optimization does not just increase the visibility of your website to search engines. It also helps your web pages to rank extremely high for certain keywords or key phrases. There is more to SEO than just search engines. Your ability to implement good SEO practices helps to optimize the experiences that your website visitors have. SEO also improves your website’s usability. Ranking high for specific keywords in search engines is important for your business. This can help to increase the level of trust that your site has.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing basically has to do with techniques that are designed to target social networks as well as apps. These serve as channels for increasing the level of awareness that your brand has or promoting certain products and services. Mostly, a social media marketing campaign is built around creating a presence for your brand on a wide range of popular platforms. It also involves the creation of advertorials as well as content that can be shared. When it comes to Internet marketing methods that can be described as cost-efficient, social media stands out as one. Social media works for content syndication and business visibility enhancement. When you implement an effective social media marketing strategy, your brand can significantly increase in awareness. And, as you get to engage with potential consumers online, with the use of social platforms, you can easily develop connections with already existing customers, enhance the level of awareness that your brand has, and eventually give your ability to generate leads and sales a much-needed boost.

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Web site(s)

Every business should now be utilizing the Internet as a tool for finding products as well as services that they need. One of the best ways to connect with these online users that need your products or services is to have a website. A web site gives your business credibility. The fact that a web site can significantly increase the visibility level of your business is one reason that it is considered extremely vital. Developing a website for your business and integrating it with your Internet marketing strategy gives your brand the projection that it needs.

The website is a reflection of your brand. This implies that you must have a good site for your business that offers top-notch content. Your business website must also be designed in a way that is easy to navigate.

If you want your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to be a success, you need to have a credible website. The reason is that all the other elements that are involved in your Internet marketing campaign are mostly geared towards driving traffic to your website. It is, therefore, paramount that your website is designed in a way that enhances the conversion of guests effectively.


Webinars simply refer to online meetings or presentations which are held in real-time over the Internet One significant feature that is associated with webinars is the level of interactivity that they have. It also gives potential clients the ability to engage with you in discussions while sending and receiving information promptly. Webinars offer you top-notch convenience whether you are an attendee or a presenter. Webinars are mostly designed to build discussions around engaging topics which others find to be relevant and very informative. It is also possible to use webinars for the promotion of products. This is done with the use of surveys to follow up on participants. Other ways of maintaining contact with the participants are through polls, emails, as well as questions which contribute to future collaboration. If you develop and appropriately apply webinars, you’ll be equipping your business with an additional tool that drives sales. Webinars play a very vital role when it comes to Internet marketing strategies. This is because of their ability to keep your audience informed, get them to participate, and offer you extremely tangible insights. All of these can be done as you guide your attendees from just being leads to loyal customers.

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YouTube® videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube is a very popular platform that is centered around videos and basically accommodates two kinds of online users. These users are video viewers and video creators. The video creators are owners of channels on the platform and constantly upload videos to the channel. On the other hand, video viewers come to this platform to view the videos and interact in the process. Another important aspect of YouTube for your business is that it has features which allow you to carry out video promotions in order to target potential customers based on demographics, as well as interests and topics. Having your business active on YouTube can help to provide you with the much-needed exposure and will help you to build both local and global audience. The results are that your brand will experience better promotion, and you'll be able to connect with potential customers better. This is actually the kind of catalyst that your business needs in order to expand. As a platform, YouTube also has SEO capabilities. By making use of the right keywords and tags, connecting with your audience, becomes easier while you also generate organic traffic.

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