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Is Your Web Site SEO Friendly?

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Search Engines can't properly see your web site if it has problems.

Is your web site fast?

Major companies like Home Depot and Walmart have found that they raise conversion rates the faster their web sites load. Google also rates web sites on how fast they load. How does your site compare?

How many unseen errors does it have?

Unseen errors can stop search engines from indexing part or all of a page. Find out if you have any (or many) unseen errors on your pages.


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Has it won a "popularity contest?"

Your site will get higher in the search engines the more popular it is. Find out how it compares to your competitors now.

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I started doing search engine optimization in 1995 as a side hustle while working at Microsoft. In 2002, I started a web design and online marketing business. Now, I am the CEO of Port Bell SEO and author of the book “Timeless SEO Secrets,”

To date, my company has helped almost 300 businesses get over 2,000 keywords onto page one of Google and Bing. And the first step to getting these businesses higher in the search engines is to conduct a “SEO Analysis.”

This workbook contains some of the items I use to do that analysis, and it is now free for you to download.
-Dr. Ty

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