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Common Speaking Topics:

{Re}Monetizing Your Brand for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
Topics: Internet Marketing, SEO

It's no secret that entrepreneurs and business owners spend an awful lot of resources and time to create a reputation for themselves online. While there are some organizations that take a haphazard approach to marketing, Dr. Ty strongly feels that developing a plan of action to {re}monetize your brand is the best solution.

There's absolutely no other medium that can surpass the traffic of the Internet and that's what makes it ideal for any up and coming organization. If you know how to do your marketing, the Internet will take your business and turn it into an overnight success. And, that is not an exaggeration…

Dr. Ty shares over 20 years of Internet Marketing and SEO expertise to entrepreneurs and businesses in a way that minimizes "geek-speak."

Quiet Influence: How to Harness the Strengths of Introverts to Change How We Work, Lead, and Innovate
Topics: Leadership, Business Development/Growth

Have you ever noticed that introverted leaders tend to achieve their end goal much more often than extroverted leaders do? Introverts are creative and fascinating people and do their best work completely on their own.

In our society, there is a popular misconception that the job of a leader is to motivate their employees. But, when we talk about introverts, this misconception forces them to act like extroverts. And, to Dr. Ty, this is a huge waste to time and effort.

One of the central challenges of any business is to bring out the best in its employees. Yet when it comes to introverts—who make up half of the workforce—our leadership strategy mainly consists of asking them to act like extroverts. This is a serious waste of talent and energy.

In a recent talk, Dr. Ty expressed his thoughts and told us that introverts are a vital part of running a successful organization. How is it possible to give the introverts a voice and have their ideas stand out from the thoughts of vocal and assertive people? What part of an introvert and an extrovert's personality allow them to come up with different solutions to the same problem? What sort of creativity do introverts have that extroverts should try to learn from them?

Following his recent research in the fields of neuroscience and leadership, Dr. Ty will change your current perspective and educate you on how the mainstream strategies to develop leadership, manage employees and stimulate innovation are just a cliché.

Quiet Teens: How Our Education System Can Teach Introverted Students
Topics: Children’s Issues, Education

The job of our educational system is to nourish students by bringing out their best qualities. And, an institute has to do the same for both introverted and extroverted children. However, there is a definitive flaw in our educational system that forces introverted children to act like extroverts even though half of our schools are comprised of introverts. This is not just a serious waste of time; it is a lot of unspoken and untapped talent going entirely unused.

In an enlightened and practical talk, Dr. Ty shows us how introverted children are meant to enhance our culture and how they're an important part in revolutionizing our society. Dr. Ty has spent a great deal of time researching this area and explains how to initialize group work, encourage class participation and use social media in a classroom. His well-structured talks are bound to change to your point of view and help you understand how to nourish the talents of introverted children, nurture their leadership and create a classroom that doesn't differentiate between extroverts and introverts. This talk is vital for every person concerned about our current educational methods.

Recent Presentations:

A 35-50 minute experiential presentation that helps businesses take basic steps to get their own web sites to the top of search engines. Heavy on note taking.

Listen to a sample here.

A 35-50 minute informative presentation on things to avoid when doing search engine optimization. This presentation is good for either businesses doing their own search engine optimization or to make sure their SEO expert is doing the right things.

Use the internet to get more clients, optimize adwords, learn best practices and things to avoid.

Watch the live webinar here.

A 50-60 minute presentation on helping businesses with leadership techniques and insights on how to attract and keep younger generation employees.

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