7 Tips on Business Success During Coronavirus

(#5 will shock you!)

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The Coronavirus is affecting the entire world in a way that has not been seen in our time. Whole countries are shutting down. Here in Washington State (U.S.), schools have been shut down, restaurants are being forced to close and businesses are being hurt financially. All public sporting events have been cancelled and there has been a ban on any gathering of 50 people or more.

And that is just one state in the US. The entire countries of Italy and Spain have been effectively shut down. Police in Spain are using drones with loudspeakers to warn the public to stay indoors.

How can a business survive this? What options are there?

All is not lost, here are 7 ways businesses can still succeed during “social distancing.”

1. Offer Delivery

This is a great option if you sell products, and I have a twist on it for you. Offer to deliver your products to your customers. They will appreciate that you are thinking of their health and well-being during this time.

Here is the twist, though: You probably have employees affected by the lack of customers coming to your establishment. They can be your delivery drivers. This both keeps you in business and keeps their paychecks coming.

2. Go Online

Create an online store ecommerce

You’ve been avoiding it, I know. You were forced to have a web site designed and forced to do some business through email. Maybe you dreaded it. but selling online can greatly expand your reach. Rather than just selling to a local market, you may be able to get customers around the world.

Think of this: There are, as of 3/16/2020, tens of thousands of people sitting at home, bored, cruising the internet. And there may be thousands more before this is over.

Having an online store now may boost your business. Click here to see our online store options. Check out item #4 also.

3. Get a Side Hustle

Start a side hustle

Maybe there is nothing you can do to help your business, but you need to stay afloat. What skills do you have that aren’t related to your business? Are you good with numbers? Are you detail oriented? Do you have great ideas that other people don’t think about? Become a freelancer and make extra money. You can go to sites like www.fiverr.com and start offering your services.

Don’t know what you may be good at that people want? Go to the freelancer sites and look at what other people offer.

4. More Marketing

Market your business more SEO

The first thing most business do during a crisis is to look at what can be cut, but marketing can’t be one of those things. Get more marketing. Get to the top of Google for your products or services. And, of course, contact us if you would like help doing that.

But, whether you hire someone or do it yourself, don’t lower your marketing. Do more marketing. Get onto social media more, expand your business listing on Google and Bing maps, create a blog (you are reading our blog right now). Contact us for ways you can affordably expand your marketing.

5. Change Your Business Model

Change business model

This is a tough one. Let’s say your family owns a small Mom & Pop restaurant. You pride yourself on good local food. You only accept cash and you have never marketed online because you’ve never needed to.

Only now nobody is showing up. Maybe it’s by choice, or maybe the government has forced you to close in-house dining because of social distancing. Either way, nobody is coming in for breakfast, lunch or dinner anymore.

Maybe it’s time to change your business model. Start offering delivery or pickup services. Create an online menu that people can order from so they can just drive up and pick up their items. Whatever it is, look at ways to change your business model.

This change will never be over. The Coronavirus is the first pandemic in 100 years and it’s going to change how everyone does business forever. If your business doesn’t adapt to a new way doing business, you may not survive.

And, if this scares the (youknowwhat) out of you, contact us for business coaching. We will do everything we can to help.

6. Learn Video Conferencing

Video conferencing

Meeting in person can help spread diseases. Video conferencing is a great alternative so you (extroverts) can keep in touch and still stay safe.

7. Apply for A Small Business Loan

Apply for a small business loan

If nothing else helps, apply for a small business load. Many governments are working on options to help small businesses stay afloat. But be careful. They may be offering great rates, but don’t over-extend yourself. Borrow only as much as you need.

Share these tips with your friends so they can have options during these difficult times.

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