Happy New Years!

Are you awake yet? Me neither. But today is the day for more than just nursing a hangover. Last night we attempted to forget old disagreements so we can start the new year fresh.

So today is the day for us to start looking at what we want to accomplish next year.

Before we get to that, I want to ask a favor of you: Stop making resolutions. There are other options, please read this blog post for more information.

To start, look back at last year and write down what went well. What did you accomplish that worked? Concentrate on your successes, don’t worry about what didn’t work right.

What can you do this year to have even more success? What is your vision of success for the new year? Now that you have looked at the successes of last year, create a strategic vision for the next 12 months. Watch a video on how to create your own vision for the year if you are not sure how to start.

But a vision is just the beginning. Once you have a basic plan, act on that plan. So many times we create a plan but hesitate to act on that plan. Act now, even if your plan is not finished. Do something right away to get going.

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