I’m Going Where? – Retreats

Business retreat

Retreats should be treated just like any other business venture, and one of the main considerations is gauging your target market.

  1. Who is going on the retreat? You may know the names of each person, but what type of personalities are there? For instance, how many introverts and extroverts will be going? Have you designed adequate social time and adequate alone time for the personality types?
  2. Team building takes on a new structure when you consider the types of people attending the retreat. Are your team building exercises designed only for extroverts? Most are. How do you develop team building exercises that will engage and benefit introverts?
  3. Shared successes: Developing a team is difficult in the best of circumstances, but it is far better to work on developing it in a safer environment like a retreat. In order to work toward shared successes, it is a good practice to learn individual personality types. The Meyers-Briggs Personality Type indicator is a great beginning exercise for the entire team. In fact, it can help bring them closer as different people share their types and see they are not alone.

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