Plan On Success

Men sitting on couch coach coaching life

Inspiration sometimes seems difficult and fleeting. And, for those in the coaching industry, staying inspired can be even more difficult. There are days when all coachees are dealing with heavy issues, and they can weigh a coach down.

However, there are things that help coaches stay inspired during a downer day:

  1. Get coaching. Every coach should have a coach. Coaches need to practice what they preach.  Even if it is a buddy coach and you coach each other, every coach should have a coach they can go to.
  2. Remember small successes. Coaching is about finding success, however it may look. Keep in mind the successes you help your clients find because they are your successes also.

So keep in mind, if a coach will benefit from having a coach themselves, then how much more of a benefit will you have from having a coach?

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