Trust: Never Again?

Building trust can be a long and strenuous journey for a manager; and that trust can be shattered quickly.

The quickest way to shatter trust is to work against the best interest of those a person manages. And there are two big signs that will say if employees don’t trust a manager.

  1. Employee satisfaction. Are the employees happy, or at least satisfied, in their work? Lack of employee satisfaction could be a sign of a manager that cannot be trusted.
  2. High turnover. There are some industries, like the restaurant business, that can have a high turnover rate. But many restaurants do not have that problem. It comes down to proper management. High turnover can be a result of lack of communication. If management does not communicate properly with employees they will not feel secure in their job, even if they do an amazing job (but how would they know if management doesn’t tell them?).

The way to overcome both of these issues is to start communicating with employees. Tell them right away when they do a good job or go above and beyond. Ask them how they like their job and what can be done to help them. Employees like to feel needed, and just getting that paycheck doesn’t always do the job.

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