Common business/entrepreneur mistake – branding

Business owners and entrepreneurs can make costly mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen is with branding.

As an example, a local flooring company has billboard ads and banner ads on web sites; they advertise in local newspapers and they have their web site. They do a great job of advertising across markets, but every ad is different. The look, feel, even the coloring of each ad is different. The company has a logo, but they don’t use it in every ad, and some ads have colors that clash with their logo colors. Make sure colors compliment the logo, and always use the logo. I would say to always use the same font as well, but definitely do not use multiple fonts in the same marketing piece. Be consistent, branding is vitally important whether you have a small business, are an entrepreneur, or even if you have a coaching practice.

Have your logo displayed on all advertising. If you don’t like your logo, hire someone to develop a new logo for you. Do you not have a logo because “nobody can create what I want”? What’s behind that? Are you a bit of a perfectionist? Maybe you need to let it go. Give the designer free reign to develop something. And don’t automatically say no to everything. Get the opinions of employees, friends, even customers before you say no.

Once you have your logo, keep the colors the same and use complimentary colors on everything you do. Coloring is as much a part of branding as the logo. The more you make everything the same, the more people will start to recognize your particular brand.

-Dr. Ty

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