Keeping Your Business and Life Organized

It is very important to make sure the day to day working of our businesses go smoothly, but we get into the habit of working in our business and put working on our business on the back burner. We know we need to do it, but it rarely seems to get done.
That is why what I call the getaway is so important. I get out of the office the last 4-6 hours of the first Friday of every month. I gather what I need to review and preview, then find a place where I can brainstorm what I want to do for the next month.
It is important to put your devices on airplane mode so you cannot be disturbed during this time. Spend the first hour clearing your mind. Meditate, visualize a calm place, or do whatever helps you to de-stress. And this is why the beginning of each month can be a great time. It helps to start each month re-energized and re-vitalized.

The Getaway is detailed in my book, Leadership for Introverts: The Power of Quiet Influence.

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