Time to Forget Facebook?

Facebook has become so popular that some businesses use their service as the main point of contact. But it may be time to start moving away from Facebook. If you commonly use that Messenger service, did you know that Facebook can give that information to anyone they want?

They can also give away your emails. Don’t think so? read this article from the NY Post.

Running a small business from Facebook is putting your business on borrowed ground. You are subject to any changes they make, including if they decide to stop offering email or other services you rely on.

It’s time to move your small business to your own site. Click here to go to Kool Web Hosting. From there, you can choose your own domain name, and start to create your own web site using Website Builder. Website Builder is an easy way to get your business on the Internet.

The last step is to set up your email account. You can finally have an email@yourdomain.com.

And feel free to contact the 24/7/365 support line if you need any help. The support people at Kool Web Hosting are great!

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