What To Do If Your Web Site Is Hacked

what to do if web site is hacked

Hackers cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to web sites every day. Here are some steps to take if your site gets attacked:

*** Before you are attacked, always make sure you have a backup of your web site. The small amount this may cost is nothing compared to redesigning a site after an attack.***

  1. Change Your Password (or hosting company). There are only two ways a hacker can gain access to your web site: They have direct access to the server where your web site is, or they have hacked your password. Change your hosting company right away if the hacker still has access to your web site after you change your password. You will know this if you get hacked again after all your passwords are changed.
  2. Upload the backup of your web site (or manually remove all the hacker files). You have to get all the hacker stuff off your web site. Smart hackers create new files on your web site, but they make the new file names close to existing names. That makes it difficult to know what to delete. Uploading a backup is the easiest and quickest way to delete all the hacker junk off your web site.
  3. Let the search engines know you have deleted the hacker stuff. This is very important. The search engines probably knew about the hacker code before you did; and the search engines will remove your site from their indexes until that code is 100% gone. Make sure all the hacker stuff is really gone, then resubmit your sitemap so they know that you web site is safe again.

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