I’m Moving Where?

A job relocation can be an exciting thing. It usually means more money and a promotion; but there could be hidden pitfalls as well. Before you accept a job in a new city, go there for a long weekend and see what it is like. Every city has its own atmosphere, and you want to make sure it is a place where you see yourself being comfortable.

Things to look out for in a new city: Is it colder/warmer than you are used to? What is the traffic like? What are the people like? Pretend that you live in a certain neighborhood and get a hotel there. Drive to the new office at the same time you normally would if you worked there and see if the commute is acceptable. Talk to the people that work there, how is the environment?

Last, but not least, what kind of nightlife or leisure activities do you like? Are they available at the new location? Can you see yourself living there for several years?

Don’t let the prospect of a few more dollars entice you if it means moving somewhere you will be miserable.

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