Out Of The Box – Being An Entrepreneur

Out of the box thinking entrepreneur

I love being an entrepreneur because I don’t have to live in someone else’s box. I get to get up every day and help people according to my core values rather than the bottom line of a corporation; and I get to do what I think is best for my customers without worrying about someone questioning my actions.

I also like that I can pick my own schedule. I worked for a company before that would not allow overtime work, not even unpaid overtime. Since my only bosses now are my clients, I can work as long as I want without someone telling me to go home. Another nice advantage is the ability to schedule vacations whenever I want!

But being an entrepreneur is not all fun and games. The amount of money you make is entirely up to you and binge-watching streaming programs will not make you a penny. There are times when I’ve worked 100-hour weeks, had clients disappear without paying their bill, I’ve been audited, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered how I will be able to make ends meet.

You have to know a little bit about everything when you are an entrepreneur.

You may hire experts at places like Fiverr, but you need to know enough to figure out if they are real experts or trying to scam you. An accountant can easily walk away with your money if you don’t know what to look for, and hiring the wrong marketing people will not only not bring in clients, it could hurt your business.

The most difficult thing of being an entrepreneur, however, is none of those things. The most difficult thing is going to work when you have zero accountability. The one trait every entrepreneur has is that they are self-starters.

I’ve seen many people start businesses, and the number one reason they fail is that the owner couldn’t get to work on time.

All that begs the question: Is it worth it? For me, yes. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client’s face light up when a job is well-done and knowing that happened because I decided to be an entrepreneur.

By the way, that’s the second trait all entrepreneurs have: the desire to be of service to other people.

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