Children Are People Too


What goals do you currently have? Is it a job promotion, more customers, more money? How about your resolutions for the year? What did you want to start or stop doing?

And where does your family fit in with those goals?

Have you created goals on how you are going to raise your kids?

Being a Gen-X’er, I am continually hearing complaints about the lousy work ethic of Millennials. But guess what? It’s our fault if they don’t have a great work ethic, we raised them.

Generation Y and Z can learn from us. Don’t be your child’s friend, and don’t raise a latch-key child. Be a leader in your home and help them to learn how to be a responsible adult.

Teach them by showing them. Take your grade school child to work with you. Teach them the importance of responsibility.

Take your teenager out to dinner, just you and them. And listen to them without judgment. What are their hopes, fears, and goals for the future?

Being a great leader to your children will help them to be better leaders themselves.

And Jesus showed us how to be great leaders; by serving those we lead. What can you do each day to serve your family?

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