How Do I Get My Business Web Site Higher On Google In 2020? Part 4

SEO Google 2020
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Hi everybody, I’m Dr. Ty with Port Bell SEO. I talked about myself in part one so if you’re interested hit that first and you can learn about me. Or go to my web site,, and click on About.

 I’m going over the 29  tips on SEO When Building a Web Site. This article has some great tips even when you’re marketing an existing website, it doesn’t have to be a brand new website. Click here to read the entire article (or go to

Today I’m going to go in order. I know that’s strange, I haven’t done that yet and I’m going to start with:

#7: Develop A Strategic Plan For Your Content

Do some keyword research. Keyword research is number 17 which I went over in part three. With #7, develop a plan on content that works with the best keywords. Plan on writing a page or blog post once a week, fortnight (not the game), month or whatever works for you.

#8: And Strategic Page Design

Have you been scanning each number to see what you may be interested in? Other people do. Make good use of headers: H1, H2 etc. Use bold and italics to highlight important text, but don’t just use text. Yes, search engines love text but people love images. Mix in some imagery with the text to break it up a bit.

#9: Remove Duplicate Content

This is very important! Your website should not have any duplicate content. You can use Copyscape ( to check your site as well (from number six). Some ecommerce sites have duplicate content because the items you sell may be on more than one page.

In that case, I recommend hiring someone to help you create what’s called a canonical page and I know this techy-nerdy, sorry. For your website, the canonical page is like an anchor page for specific content. You can tell the search engines which page is the correct, or cornerstone page when you have duplicate content

For instance, there may be five pages that have the same information but one particular page is the one you want the search engine to pay attention to. That can be very important for ecommerce sites when it’s dynamically creating the content. And again, I highly recommend that you hire someone to help you with that because it can get really techy-nerdy real quick when you have e-commerce sites.

Thank you for reading, listening to or watching part 4.  I’m Dr. Ty. Click here, or go to under our Success Tips and join the club and you’re going to find out when new videos come out before anybody else. And be sure to either give us a thumbs up, a like, etc. I really appreciate it and have a great day!

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