How will A.I. impact marketing and branding in the near future

Computers are amazing.

There are so many things that are easier and safer thanks to computers.

And I, for one, am looking forward to self-driving cars. But computers have never been good at being creative. Branding and marketing are very creative endeavors, but they are not endeavors that are based on math. And, computers, at their core, are sophisticated calculators. All a computer really does is crunch numbers. Even the colors on your computer screen are just a series of numbers a computer is calculating to determine what color to see. And there may come a day when a math calculation will determine the best brand for a company. It is possible that one day a computer will be able to best determine the right message on a voicemail to entice customers. But that day is not today. The current AI technology is not sophisticated enough to do marketing and branding. It still takes a human brain to be creative, so we are not obsolete yet.

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