Old is New

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Great change has happened in the last 30 years; and one of those changes is the way we communicate. Everything is done over computer these days, which means going old-school can sometimes help you stand out from the crowd.

Look at the image above, it’s a postcard we recently sent out. How likely do you think someone would throw that away, even if they didn’t want our products or services right now? Make your mailing fun and interesting and it may not find its way to the recycle bin so quickly.

Say thank you to your customers by mailing them a fun postcard or thank you letter. There is still the occasional card during the holidays, but when is the last time you got a thank you card? Stand out from the crowd by going old-school.

*How important is this? We were recently hired by a customer (in the middle of Coronavirus, no less) because of a postcard they had received two years before.

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