What’s Your Niche?

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We all try to go as big as possible when marketing over the internet but going big is not always the best thing to do. Think of this: Would you rather have a million people see your ad that aren’t interested in your product or service, or 1,000 people that do? A good marketing strategy can be niche markets.

Niche markets are small so some people may not think they are worth the time. However, a savvy businessperson could benefit greatly from marketing to a smaller group.

(quick note: The examples below are about keywords, and there are two different types: Short-tailed and long-tailed keywords. A short-tailed keyword would be something like “plumber.” A long-tailed keyword would be something like “San Francisco residential plumber.”)

For instance, a plumber may want to be on page one for the keyword Plumbing. But if that plumber’s business is in northern California, would they want to market to Maine? Define your target client as specific as you can and include where they live.

The added advantage is, if you are marketing “San Francisco plumber,” the search engines will see the niche (San Francisco plumber) and the broad keyword (web design) so you are marketing both at the same time.

But your niche doesn’t have to be location-based. A jeweler who creates specialty necklaces could go for keywords like “pooka shell necklaces,” or some other specialty type of necklace.

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