Podcast – Leadership for Introverts Chapter 1 Sample

Book Leadership for Introverts

Introverts can make great leaders! We just need to believe in our special introverted abilities more. Listen to a sample of Chapter 1 from the book Leadership for Introverts. Go to www.leadershipintroverts.com for more.

“And America is known as an extroverted country; it is the land of Capitalism and the home of the salesman.

But, some of the richest and most influential Americans are self-described introverts. Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Barak Obama, and p Parks are just a few of many American introverts.

Introverts Can Be Leaders?

Leadership is a lifetime of lessons – J. Robert Clinton

Introverts are just as, if not more, capable of leading a team toward goals as extroverts are; they just go about it in a different way. It is time for introverts to rise up, embrace their nature, and understand that the deafening silence which extroverts hate is like a warm fire on a cool winter’s evening to us. We have everything it takes to be great leaders, and we have natural leadership skills that some extroverts have trouble learning. We just need to understand and accept ourselves for who we are…”

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