Podcast – Leadership for Introverts Chapter 2 Sample

Book Leadership for Introverts

You have a quiet power residing in you, and that power can make for a great leader. However, as an introvert, much of your life was probably spent hearing things like “why are you so shy,” “what’s wrong with you,” “why aren’t you happy,” and more. Listen to a sample of Chapter 2 from the book Leadership for Introverts. Go to www.leadershipintroverts.com for more.

…“I worry about you being alone all the time,” is a saying many introverts have heard from well-meaning friends that don’t understand. Being alone, to an introvert, is a time of relaxing solitude. It does not mean we are lonely.

Extroverts, on a Friday night, might be thinking of who they are going to call to go listen to a local band with. Or maybe there’s a special social event their networking group is hosting. Dancing is always an option. But maybe they just want to get together with a bunch of friends at the local pub, eat some food and hang out.

And they make you feel like there’s something wrong with you because you don’t want to do any of those things. What extroverts don’t realize is that you have been social 9-5 all week long without a break.

Friday night is for finding a comfortable blanket to wrap up in next to a fire with a good book or a movie. You might like a quiet dinner with the family or a few friends, but definitely not “hanging out,” which is cool-speak for talking without a purpose…

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