Podcast – Leadership for Introverts Chapter 3 Sample

Book Leadership for Introverts

What is an Introvert leader? How can an introvert be a leader? Listen to the sample of Chapter 3 of the audiobook Leadership for Introverts available at Amazon and Audible. Go to www.leadershipintroverts.com for more information.

…”There are traits that make a good leader. Some (but by no means all) of those traits are: Humility, character, competence and intelligence. Each of these traits can be learned.


Just because an introvert is quiet, it does not mean that person is humble. Introverts are, in fact, sometimes accused of being arrogant. This usually stems from people that have not taken the time to understand introverts. It sounds quite arrogant of me to say that, doesn’t it? However, introverts have been misunderstood. That is part of the reason why so many books about introverts have been published in recent years.

Introverts are seen as arrogant for one main reason: We don’t talk much unless we know what we are talking about. For instance, I consider myself a computer nerd. I worked as a network engineer for government agencies and corporations such as Compaq and Microsoft for about 20 years. I know a lot about computers (I am one of the only parents I know whose children come to me for computer help).

I remember a party I attended where I talked the night away with two other people, about computers. The next day a friend called me and commented that he had never heard me talk so much. He was open with me, and mentioned that another person at the party thought I was being a bit arrogant. And he did not know what to say because he didn’t realize how much I knew about computers. Although we had been friends for some time, he wasn’t a computer person so I didn’t talk to him much about that subject.

That is common among introverts. We have the ability to compartmentalize our lives, but that can sometimes confuse our friends…”

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