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Book Leadership for Introverts

Transcript of audio sample:

“…Most corporate visions, up to this point, have been created by extroverts (you can tell by words like us, team, and together). As an introvert leader you have the opportunity to level the playing field, to create an ambivert way to lead.

Yes, it is tempting to create an introverted document but the extroverts will revolt, and revolting extroverts are not fun; they are louder than happy extroverts.

Leading Extroverts

Unless you are a hermit, you have some extrovert qualities. And hermits are not leaders so I doubt any hermits are reading this book. You have probably pretended to be an extrovert in the past, so their personality and skills are not as foreign to you as your skills are to them (I have never known an extrovert try to pretend to be an introvert). And there are certain things you have probably learned to expect when encountering extroverts in the concrete jungle.

Extroverts can be loud and obnoxious. They tend to speak without first thinking; they have the absurd idea that nothing can be done unless it is by committee, and… life would be nowhere near as fun without them. However, no matter what you think of them, you cannot be a good leader without working with and understanding extroverts.

Not tolerating, understanding. Yes, for a long time introverts were thought to be less adaptable than extroverts. In fact, not so long ago the American Psychiatric Association tried to categorize introversion as a mental health issue.2 But those days are gone and it doesn’t matter what they think of us, we can overcome that by being great leaders.

A great leader works at understanding those he/she leads. Extroverts like to talk, so talk to them. But plan out what you are going to say. This will help both them and you. When you have a plan it will give them less of a chance to change the subject and talk about the weather, their dog, the color of the carpet, the weather again, and such.

Look at how the extroverts like to interact and find ways that you can incorporate introversion into the interaction. Do not try to take over their way of doing things, find common ground that you can both stand upon…”

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