Podcast – Leadership for Introverts Chapter 6 Sample

Book Leadership for Introverts

Transcript of sample:

“… Extroverted children need people to talk to,

which can be difficult for an introverted parent. Encourage your child to make friends with other kids their age so they have other avenues of conversation, but keep an eye on those friends as well.

Children like to explore their boundaries as they grow up, and finding a friend that doesn’t play by the rules can be exciting. Take the opportunity to talk to your child about the real definition of friends.

Another avenue may be to introduce your child to a trusted extroverted family member. It would give your child a person to talk to and you can feel more comfortable about the conversations.

Extroverted children generally need more attention than introverted children. This is not a disadvantage or failing on their part, it’s just a fact of life. They need your appreciation and approval. Let them know you are proud of them. Forget the participation awards if they lost a game, but praise them for good plays they made.

They quite often think of nobody but themselves (a habit introverted children share). Teach them about introverts so they understand where you are coming from. Be honest and up front about your need for solitude and let them know that it does not mean you don’t love them. Help them be a part of the process and create a schedule that gives them extrovert time and gives you introvert time…”

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