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Transcript of podcast sample from Chapter 7 of Leadership for Introverts

“…Imagine that you are on one side of a jungle and you need to get to the other side, but all you have is a machete. The obvious decision would be to grab the machete and get to hacking.

But you soon realize it is going to take a lot longer than you first imagined. The jungle is dense and there are sudden drop-offs. The going is slow and exhausting. Then, after a lot of hard work, you break through to the other side.

And the next day you have to go back. But this time it will be a lot easier because you did most of the hard work the day before. Yes, you may have made a crude path the day before, but the path is there. As you go back you can improve on what you did, and it will take less time than the day before. Each day that you go down the path it becomes easier until you have a well-established trail.

Most days after that you don’t even need the machete anymore. Then you come up with the idea to put gravel down on the path and you have a walkway. It becomes so easy that you almost forget how difficult that first day was.

But I’m not talking about a jungle; I’m talking about your brain. What I just detailed is what happens in your brain every time you start something new. Our brain is wired with electrical impulses called neural pathways. These pathways can resemble walkways, roads, even 8-lane highways.

Have you ever noticed that, after working at the same place for several years, you can forget the drive to work? You may be sitting at your desk then suddenly look around wondering how you got there. The neural pathways that direct your body on how to drive to work had such an easy path that they didn’t need a lot of brain power.

Forget walkways or country roads, they had a highway to go down…”

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