21 Free SEO Tools

Free SEO tools search engine optimization

It is difficult to find everything you need to improve your web presence, so we have made it much easier for you!

Now you can get 21 free SEO tools right at your fingertips. Click here to go to them now.

Here is a list of the tools and what they can do for you:

Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page): Pop in your domain URL and your keywords to find out where you rank in Google.

Bing SERP (Search Engine Results Page): Pop in your domain URL and your keywords to find out where you rank in Bing.

Top Search Queries: What are people typing to find your web site? You may wan to contact us if this is blank.

Robots.txt: See if your Robots page is set up correctly.

Sitemap: Check to make sure your sitemap has all your current pages.

Submit Sitemap: Easily submit your sitemaps to the search engines.

Alexa Rank: How it sounds, what is your ranking in Alexa?

High Quality Backlinks: Backlinks are good, if the quality is good enough. How high is the quality of the backlinks to your site?

New Backlinks: Check to see the newest links to your web site.

Poor Backlinks: What low quality backlinks are coming to your site? Do they need to be disallowed?

Top Referrers: What web sites refer to you the most?

Crawlability Test: Was your web site created so it can be easily crawled by search engines? This is important for SEO.

Mobile Support Test: How does your web site look on mobile phones? Is it Mobile-Ready?

Headers: Check the status of your web site headers.

Speed Test: How fast does your web site load? This is becoming very important to Google and Bing.

Link Analysis: Check to see what links your pages have on them. Spammers will sometimes hack a web site and put hidden links onto pages.

Keyword Density: Are you using too many keywords on a page or not enough?

Extract Meta Tags: Are the meta tags on your web site correct? Looking to see what your competition is using?

Keyword Research: A great spot to research how popular keywords are.

Competition: Find out how competitive certain keywords are.

Click here to start using these free 21 SEO Tools now.

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