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7. Develop a strategic plan for your content.
Do some keyword research (see number 17 below) and develop a plan on content that works with the best keywords. Plan on writing a page (or blog post) once a week, fortnight (not the game), month or whatever works for you.

11. Each page should have one primary SEO keyword.
Each page of your web site will be optimized for several keywords, but one keyword should be more prominent that all the rest for search engine optimization purposes. The page will get watered down in the search engines if there are too many main keywords on it, so it is best to make separate pages with one primary keyword per page.

15. The META Description Is Marketing Gold.
The META description is the line of text you see when you do a search

18. Use long tail keywords.
Long tail keywords are just keywords that have more than one word. “Plumber” is a keyword. “Residential plumber New York” is a long tail keyword. But this long tail keyword could rank for “residential plumber,” “plumber New York,” and “residential plumber New York.”

27. Link to other web sites you trust.
Only link to web sites you trust because your clients may click on that link.

Click here to read the whole article.

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