How Do I Get My Business Higher In Google? Part 1

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How do I get my business site higher in Google?

 Hey, I’m Dr. Ty Belknap with Port Bell SEO and I’ve been doing internet marketing since 1995. I started doing SEO as a side hustle then made it my main business in 2002, and I’ve been doing SEO and internet marketing ever since then.

The biggest question I get is: “How do I get my business web site higher in Google?”

I’m going to go through an article I wrote called 29 tips on SEO when building a website and you can use this when marketing your website as well.

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Today this is part one and I’m going to go over just a few of the 29 tips on SEO when building a website article that I wrote.

 The first tip, which is the first thing I tell everybody when I do speeches for a Chamber of Commerce and when I work with organizations, I always tell them:

#1, create only high quality relevant accurate and keyword rich content.

Remember the entire purpose of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, whatever search engine is to provide relevant, accurate content in its results.

If you are looking for refrigerator repair and you go on to Google and you type that in and it pops up with a whole bunch of accountants, not only are you not going to be happy with the results, if it happens enough you’re going somewhere else.

Google doesn’t want that. The entire purpose of Google is to get you accurate results when you are using their search engine, which is why your website has to have those accurate results.

If your web page has accurate results 70% of your SEO game is already won. That’s why content is so important and that’s why content is key and number one on the list.

I’m gonna be skipping around on the numbers a little, I hope you don’t mind.

#4: Relevant content appeals to your target audience

and this works with number one as well.

You don’t want a web page on the latest research of how the elasticity of certain types of gum creates the best bubbles if your website is about refrigerator repair.

Don’t get me wrong, that might be a fun blog post but it doesn’t belong as a webpage. Relevant content has two purposes:

  1. It gets your target audience to your website and
  2. It provides them with good information.

Now, this whole thing is a cascade effect. Google will rank you higher and people will go to your web site If you have relevant content. They’ll read the relevant information, they will like it, and then they will hire you for your products or services. It all works together.

This is the best thing that you can do to get higher in the search engines.

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I’m Dr. Ty, thanks for listening and have a great day.

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