How Do I Get My Business Web Site Higher on Google In 2020? Part 2

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Hey everybody, I’m Dr. Ty and I’m going over the article “Tips on SEO When You’re Building a Website” or when marketing your business site, you can use it either way.

This is Part 2 of 9. I talked all about myself in part 1, so I’m not going to bore you with it again. Let’s dig right into more of this article.

Tip 2: Get your spelling and grammar correct.

Don’t have your webpage written by a physical or mental five-year-old. Yes, people sometimes misspell words when they search and there were times in the past when we used to advise clients to include misspelled words in their keywords.

But not anymore. Think of these two things:

  1. The search engines will ding you now for words that are not spelled correctly.
  2.  These days people may misspell the word, but they won’t go to sites that show up with the wrongly-spelled word.

Think about the last time you saw a result that had a website with a word that you knew was misspelled, you probably didn’t go to it.

the Hemingway editor is a great site to check your content for spelling and grammar.

Now, you may not be a writer and you don’t have to write the page yourself; you can do bullet points and hire a freelancer to do the rest (if you need help with that let me know).

Tip 11: Each page should have one primary SEO keyword.

Keywords SEO Tacoma Port Bell

Each page of your website should be optimized for several keywords, but one keyword should be more prominent than all the rest for search engine optimization purposes.

The page will get watered down in the search engines if there are too many main keywords on it, so it’s best to make a separate page with one primary keyword per page.

For instance, you might have a services page on your website with four or five services on it, but one of those should be your primary service.

If they’re all primary services then make a separate page for each of them, and here’s why:

Tip 14: Generate a unique sentence to describe each page of your website.

This sentence will be your TITLE tag and your TITLE tag is going to have your primary keyword on it. It’s not going to fit in your TITLE tag if you have too many keywords.

The TITLE tag describes what will be on each specific page of your web site, so each page must have a different unique TITLE tag. Don’t use the same wording on multiple pages.

The TITLE tag should be no more than 120 characters, not words. Now, you may have heard that is should only be 60 characters, but times are changing.

Sometimes you’ll only see 60 characters and sometimes you see 120, but it is changing to 120.

You need to describe that page using no more than 120 characters including spaces and it’s going to be difficult to do that if you have several main keywords

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Thanks a lot everybody.

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