How Do I Get My Business Web Site Higher On Google In 2020? Part 3

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Part 3.

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Hi everybody, I’m Dr. Ty with Port Bell SEO. I talked about myself in part 1, so I’m not going to repeat myself here; I hope you don’t mind.

 I’m going over the 29 tips on SEO when building a website (from the article I wrote here: and I’m going to pick on three specific tips for today.

#5: Accurate Web Pages Are.

Enough said. Don’t write false stuff on a web page because the search engines will notice it eventually. And, even if they don’t, people will and people are who you’re really trying to attract, right?

Make sure what you write is as accurate as you can get and link to other web pages that support what you’re saying.

That’s not only good for the people that are reading your material, search engines love that; they will make you more of an authority if you can link to other websites that support your view on things.

In a way it’s kind of scary. Search engines are now so good that they can tell whether a link to another web site helps you or not.

#17: Keywords Make All the Difference.

Keywords are part of the core of SEO; the cornerstone of a good search engine optimization strategy is finding the right keywords.

Keywords SEO Tacoma Port Bell

A plumber may think that he or she wants to be at the top of the search engines for plumber, but are you sure? Would a New York plumber want calls from people in Florida? That’s quite a drive. So, maybe “plumber New York” is better, but what kind of plumber? There are residential, commercial, industrial and other specialties.

You need to find the keywords that work best for your business and be as specific as you can. A great free tool you can use is ubersuggest. This is a robust tool that will help you find good keywords and much more.

Look at the most popular keywords, but don’t necessarily pick them if they’re very competitive. You might want to pick a keyword a bit lower in the list so you can get onto page 1 for it quicker. Then, work on the more popular keywords later (yes, subtle things like this can make a huge difference. Contact us if you would like help).

#23:  Track How Your Keywords Are Performing.

Doing all this keyword stuff won’t help if you don’t track it. Use Google Search Console or another analytic program to track how your keywords are doing over time.

I’m going to give you a bit of a secret: it might be up when you read this, but right now it’s not: We’re developing a new tool program that can help you track keywords, your rankings (and your competitors).

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