Part 5 of How Do I Get My Business Web Site Higher in Google?

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Hey, just in case I haven’t said this before, you do not have to watch these in order.

 I’m Dr. Ty with Port Bell SEO. I’m going over the article “29 Tips on SEO When Building a Website”, but you could also use these tips when marketing your already established business website. Click here to read the entire article (or go to  

today I’m going to start with:

#3: Relevant Content is a Web Page That Changes When Needed.

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Search engines like websites that change, but search engines also like websites with longevity pages. Yes, this can be a catch-22. Don’t change a web page by adding a period or space just to change the publish date, it doesn’t work anymore. But do change your web page when it stops being relevant.

This is generally more true of blog posts than web pages. blog posts can become irrelevant and outdated. It’s better to remove or update unnecessary blog posts than to leave them there. Or, you can also take several blog posts and combine them into one if they’re all about the same thing.

 #18:  Use Long-Tail Keywords.

 I know that’s kind of techie nerdy, but you’ll get it. Long-tail keywords are just keywords that have more than one word (also known as keyphrases). Plumber is a keyword. “Residential plumber in New York” is a long-tail keyword. But this long-tail keyword could rank for residential plumber, plumber, New York, and residential plumber New York, so long-tail keywords can actually help you.

Fewer people look for long-tail keywords, but they also work for the short-tail keywords or specific keywords as well.

#19: Notice How a Location Has Been Used in The Last Point?

The average plumber in New York isn’t going to travel to Florida to fix a leaky pipe. Using your location can make a big difference. For instance, we at Port Bell do search engine optimization for companies around the world, but we use the “SEO Tacoma” and “SEO Seattle” keywords all over our site because that’s where we are based.

People generally like working with local people first. Then, when you get a better reputation, you’ll notice that it starts expanding out more. Remember, I can put Seattle SEO everywhere and the search engines are going to see just SEO as well, so it will help with both.

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