Part 6 of: How Do I Get My Business Web Site Higher in Google?

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Hey everybody, I’m dr. Ty. I am talking about the article, “29 Tips on SEO When Building A Website” ( I started doing internet marketing probably about 1995 and started my first internet marketing business, which was based on web design more than SEO, in 2002.

Now we concentrate on nothing but SEO and internet marketing, helping people get to the top of the search engines. Go to our web site and join our Success Tips Club by clicking here (or go to: By joining the club, you will be the first to learn about these videos, podcasts, whatever might be the medium that you want, even articles. You’ll learn about all that before everybody else does.

Today I’m gonna start with number 6. I’m kind of popping all over the place but I’m trying to keep them more linked together than these are or in a different order I should say.

#6:  Unique Content Is A Must.

Don’t copy content from other web pages and put it directly on your website. This is called web page spamming and is an old blackhat technique.Iit’s also one of the most likely ways to get banned from the search engines. Yes, banned. Use a program like Copyscape to make sure your content is 100% unique.

You can also use Copyscape to make sure that others are not stealing your content.

#13: Make Your Page Names Descriptive and Relevant.

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Some pages on your website have to have a specific name, have to and for business purposes you should standardize some of your page names because remember; our job as business people is to get people to your website.

Even if you have a creative business, you do want to standardize some things. For instance, your main page should always be index.html (or .htm). that is definitely kind of techy- nerdy. But, you can make other pages more descriptive.

Instead of contact.html, you could have contactseattleplumber.html. That makes the page more descriptive for both people and search engines.

#29: Work On Your Social Media Pages.

The floodgates have opened as of December 2019. You can now find Facebook posts on Google. This is huge. You might have been able to find someone else’s profile page before but never a post. But, I found Facebook videos and posts on both Google and Bing as of December 2019.

I’m now starting to see not just video videos but other pages popping up on the search engines so that is huge and it’s going to get even bigger.

Remember to click here and join our Success Tips Club (or go to: That way, you’ll find out about these videos or podcasts or articles before anybody else does. I’m Dr. Ty with Port Bell SEO and thank you all for this

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