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I’m going over the article  “29 Tips on SEO When Building A Website. Here is the link if you’re interested in reading the entire article:

#12: Use A – Instead Of A _ Or A Space In Your Page Names (URLs).

Yeah, this is kind of techie nerdy. Sorry, but it is important: Always use a – between words in your page names. For instance, instead of SEO_company, SEOcompany or “SEO company,” use SEO-company. Using a – makes it easy for search engines to separate the words. Using an underscore makes it look like all the words are running together.

And never use a space, the internet still sometimes interprets a space as %20 so SEO space company could be seen on the internet as SEO%20company, which means nothing to the search engines or to people.

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#15:  The Meta Tag Description Is Marketing Gold

The Meta Description is the line of text you see that describes a web page when you see search results. The desired length of a Meta Description used to be 150 characters, but now you can go to 240.

And it’s good to use more than less. use the Meta Description to continue describing your web page from where you left off on your title tag. Click here and go to #15 of the article because there’s an image there that shows that in a lot more detail.

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