Search Engine Ranking

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The number one thing small businesses can do to get their web sites higher in search engines is to have a blog and keep it updated regularly. But there are a few tricks to do it right.

First, make sure the blog is on your web site. Do not do your blog on the app’s site. You can have a WordPress blog, but don’t put in on the WordPress web site. It will help them more than you. Install your WordPress blog onto your web site.

And write a post at least once a week. It doesn’t have to be long, just write something about your business. Highlight a new product, share an article you read, or give tips and tricks. People will like it and search engines will eat it up.

Write a long post once every month or two. Search engines are liking longer blog posts, and Google’s 2021 update (they are already warning us about it) is going to look at content even more than before. So write (or hire someone to write) a blog post for you.

And be sure to contact us if you want help hiring a content writer.

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