Uh, I have to what? – Content

content is king for SEO

I started working with a company recently and the first thing I asked them is the same thing I ask almost every freelance photographer I’ve worked with: Where’s the text?

You can have the most beautiful, artful, images that will stun potential customers, but it won’t matter if they can’t find your web site.

And the search engines will have no idea you are there if all you have is pictures.

You need good content, and plenty of it. A recent study showed that the average web page that was #1 on search engines had 2000 pages.

The front page of your web site should have between 2000-2500 words and there should be at least 2000 words of content on every page.   An artistic web site may be beautiful, but you are in business; you need to attract customers also.

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