You Talk Too Much

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The biggest “secret SEO strategy” for the new century is blogs. But how is that a secret? Blogs have been around for years. True, but they are under-used by most people. Many think that writing is time consuming, and coming up with topics is difficult.
And that is more accurate than you think. A good blog post should now be about 2000 words. Yes, that is a lot, but gone are the days of trying to create daily blog posts. Create one every month or two.

That flies in the face of what you have learned before, doesn’t it?

Well, things change. Don’t get me wrong, you can create posts more than once every other month, and not every blog post has to be 2000 words (this one isn’t).

But the average web page that is at the top of the search engines currently has 2000 words or more.

So, if you want your blog post noticed by Google and Bing, it needs to be wordy.

The topic can be anything about your business; be it a new product or service, how to best use a certain product, testimonials about your service, etc. There are many things to write about, and there are ways you can create a great blog post without writing a word.

Watch, listen to, or read my post on “Applied SEO Techniques” for more information on how to create compelling blog posts without writing a word.

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