January 5, 2021
SEO your web site for local results

SEO Your Web Site for Local Results (Beginners Guide)

When it comes to SEO, even local SEO, there are two things (which are actually one thing, you’ll understand in a minute) that are more important […]
December 8, 2020
Attract local customers in 2021

7 Ways to Attract New Local Customers in 2021

Have you signed up for our free LIVE SEO 101 Master Class yet? Time is running out, don’t wait! Click here to reserve your spot! We […]
November 17, 2020
Bing Places for Local SEO

Bing Places for Local SEO

Google® is known by everyone, and everyone wants to be at the top of Google. But Bing® has steadily been taking market share from Google the […]
February 28, 2020
SEO Google 2020 video 5

Part 5 of How Do I Get My Business Web Site Higher in Google?

Hey, just in case I haven’t said this before, you do not have to watch these in order.  I’m Dr. Ty with Port Bell SEO. I’m […]
October 8, 2019

Local Search Engine Optimization

The best way to start your SEO strategy is to start locally and the best way to start is to look for a local SEO service. […]
November 7, 2018

SEO Can Make or Break You

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for small businesses, and there is one way to get ahead of the national competition: Local keywords. Keywords are how […]
May 17, 2018
SEO team meeting

Best SEO Results

Local SEO I’ve ran a local web design and search engine optimization company for 15 years. The more the internet becomes the default place to look […]