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About Dr. Ty

Dr. Ty Belknap worked his way from entry level to manager and executive in both the retail and high-tech industries, including being a manager for the Microsoft Network Engineering team in 2000.

He has three degrees in leadership, including a Doctor of Strategic Leadership in Life Coaching and is a Google Certified Professional. He helps struggling businesses with business development, and coaches at-risk and homeless teens.

Dr. Ty has written three books (Leadership for Introverts, Timeless SEO Secrets and How To Get Exploding Referrals) as well as writing hundreds of articles for over 30 magazines and online blog sites (including Reader’s Digest).

A self-professed techy-nerd, he has the ability to translate Geek-Speak into English.

Dr Ty is the founder of Port Bell, an SEO and digital marketing firm that has been providing search engine optimization to businesses since 2002.

Dr. Ty's Books

Leadership for Introverts book Book Timeless SEO Secrets Book How to Get Exploding Referrals

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